Certified RV Repairs

Airstream Certified Techs.  Shop Foreman has 29 years experience with Airstreams and featured as a service provider of the month in December 2007.

Services Offered:
Airstream Polishing
Complete Airstream Restoration
Chemical Sensitive (EI Trailers)

Airstream warranty repair

Custom rebuilds






Airstream Certified Services

Factory trained and certified technicians can perform warranty work as well as other non-warranty services. North Dallas RV has been considered the second best Airstream metal repair shop (only behind the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center).  North Dallas RV is also the only facility in Texas that offers wheel alignments for your Airstream.

Just because we are a reputable Airstream service center does not mean we are more expensive.  We have a bi-lingual staff to assist our Spanish speaking customers.

  • Expert Technicians – Our technicians know Airstream vehicles inside and out. Technical information comes to us straight from the factory.
  • Authentic Airstream Parts – Airstream factory certified parts assure the highest quality repairs, protecting your warranty and the value and life of your vehicle.
  • Specialized Technology – Specialized diagnostic equipment performs precision tests in seconds, providing the diagnostic information necessary to keep your vehicle on the road.


Battery Check
Have your Service Specialist check your battery to be sure it is strong enough to make it through the coming season.

Brake Service
Brakes wear gradually over time, a subtle loss of braking ability might not be obvious. Have your brakes checked according to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual Schedule.

Tire Rotation & Wear
Extend tire life with tire rotation and balancing. Balanced wheels provide a smooth ride and add to safety.

Cooling System Service
Routine cooling system checks can detect leaks that cause engine overheating. Protect against freeze-up and boil-over with new anti-freeze.